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Craftwork from cardboard boxes

In every house there is a couple of unnecessary Cartons From different household appliances, shoes, utensils ... it's a shame to throw out, but they take up a lot of places. You can not even imagine what ordinary cardboard packaging can turn into! "so simple!" Offers ideas, at the sight of which you have your hands clenched impatiently to start making.

Crafts from cardboard boxes

  1. Charging from various electronic devices will now be in place and successfully disguised.
  2. Organizer for chargers

  3. Pencils, felt-tip pens and pens are not at all on the floor or under the sofa!
  4. Organizer out of the box

    Organizer out of the box

  5. To find the right shade of threads is much easier now ...
  6. Organizer for needlework

    Organizer for needlework

  7. Great idea for guidance Order in the cosmetic bag...
  8. Store nail polish

  9. And earrings will not be lost any more.
  10. Organizer of ornaments

  11. A little inspiration, glue of the pv, scotch and paper for creativity - everything you need to create Multi-storey casket.
  12. High-rise casket

    High-rise casket

  13. A toy house is the dream of any child ... bring it to life together!
  14. House out of the box

  15. The boys will be delighted with the personal plane!
  16. Airplane out of the box

  17. The creation of such toys develops a child's imagination.
  18. Garage out of the box

  19. Lace the lids from the shoe boxes with paper for creativity and place them on the wall. Stylish panel ready!
  20. Panel of covers

  21. Cats - true connoisseurs of cardboard boxes ...
  22. Cat lodge out of the box

Redoing the old box into something new and useful, you will not only significantly save the family budget, but also make your contribution to the Preservation of the environment. Create and enjoy it!