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How to recognize a heart attack in advance

heart attack - the main cause of premature death. To prevent a threat, you need to take care of your heart. Move more, give up smoking and alcohol, be as nervous as possible.

These factors increase the likelihood of cardiacAttack many times! And do not forget to carefully monitor your health. The fact is that the symptoms of an impending heart attack can be seen a week before it happens. And this is not a joke!

Read carefully the description of the condition thatPrecedes the critical. It is important to know everyone - in the risk zone are not only the elderly, but also young women and men who lead a tense lifestyle.

How to recognize a heart attack

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  1. Drowsiness and eternal fatigue
    This symptom speaks of the narrowing of the arteries - the heartReceives less blood, because lack of energy and a constant desire to relax speaks about problems in the functioning of the circulatory system. Pay attention to this, if fatigue appears for no apparent reason, often and this is not peculiar to you in principle.
  2. Uneven breathing
    Inconsistent breathing occurs when the heart receives less blood. Because then the lungs can not fully fulfill their function! If you noticed this disorder in yourself, take a look at the doctor without delay.
  3. Sudden weakness
    Muscle weakness, reluctance to move,Emaciated state - signals that there is little blood in the muscles. If you often are in a state close to a fainting, most likely your muscles are deficient in oxygen, which indicates a malfunction in the heart.
  4. dizziness
    Dizziness and sudden cold sweat come from people whose brains are not sufficiently enriched with blood and oxygen. This is a life-threatening symptom, never ignore it!
  5. Chest tightness
    This is the red signal flag: the pressure in the chest indicates the approach of a heart attack. So it usually begins.
  6. "Frost on the skin"
    An inexplicable feeling of cold with a shiver may appear a few days before the attack. When the heart does not cope with its tasks, it immediately becomes noticeable.

Of course, these signs can talk about othersDiseases. The correct diagnosis can be made only by a doctor! But the totality of such indicators accurately indicates that the heart is fooling. Be careful, watch yourself, and a sudden tragedy will not happen!

If you suspect a heart problem, go to a doctor, he will appoint Preventive treatment, Which will correct the situation. Take care of yourself and take care of your loved ones - show them this important article!