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Pose in a dream

The inner world of man as a dark forest: Its mystery and inaccessibility is a mystery that is difficult to solve. True, some things are still able to reveal certain aspects of the human soul. It has long been known that in mimicry, gestures, voice, gait, let a little, but you can Determine the nature of a person. But they are easy to control, which can not be said about the poses that we take in a dream ...

Only during sleep does not manage to exercise control over your subconscious. Therefore the posture in a dream often reflects the lifestyle, mood and Mental condition of the sleeper. Of course, plunging into the kingdom of Morpheus, you turn over many times, but for certain you have a favorite "figure" in which you are most comfortable sleeping.

Just she will tell you about your character and about the processes that are now happening to you. And maybe it's time to change something for the better?

What do the postures that we take during sleep mean

According to psychologists, there are 4 main postures during dreams. Their variations can not be counted, but it was these basic positions that formed the basis of such a thing as "the body's night language"!

Sleeping poses

  1. Royal posture (on the back)
    This also includes the well-known "seaStar ", in which a person spreads his arms and legs widely. Not only that from a medical point of view, sleep on the back is considered the most useful, in the psychological aspect the "royal posture" indicates a healthy mental state of a person.

    Sleeping "kings" are open-minded people, leaders who are optimistic about the world. Strong, self-confident individuals sleep exactly like that.

  2. Curled (embryo position)
    Most likely, the sleeper in this position at this stage of life has some troubles and problems. He feels insecure and needs support.

    Such people prefer solitude, avoidNoisy companies and often close in themselves. Those talented and creative personalities who are afraid of condemnation and failure are sleeping in a fetal position, so they create only for themselves.

    It is easy to say, but you need to overcome yourself and become more open to others and the world as a whole. Disappointment will be, but Mrs. Luck loves daredevils!

  3. Flattened posture (on the abdomen)
    Such people seem all boring and tooPedantic. In fact, there are many hidden leaders among them. They carefully plan everything and take seriously such trifles, which are sometimes not even worth paying attention to. These individuals are very punctual, accurate, which is required of others.

    And closed personalities sleep on their stomachs. They skillfully hide all their feelings and intentions, because they are afraid to open or simply do not want to harm others. Such people need to learn to trust - and then everything will work out.

  4. Semi-embryo posture (on the side)
    The most common position of the body duringSleep. While right-handers sleep mostly on their right side, and left-handeders sleep on the left. Sleep on the side without folding into the "germ" indicates that the person is balanced and judicious. He solves his problems and is always ready to help those in need.

    Although such a person does not even strive to become a leader, but the confidence in him is more than enough!

They say: "Kings sleep on their backs, sages on their side, rich women on their stomachs"... But this does not mean that you need to control yourself and not try to go to a certain position. Changing the pose of sleep, you can not change your character. The position of the body simply reflects what, What worries the sleeper at present. Fall asleep under the motto: "convenience and only convenience", and during wakefulness change your life for the better!

Sweet dreams to you and your loved ones!