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New Year Candlesticks

We all spend huge sums of money to prepare forNew Year's holidays. Most of the money goes to nice little things - gifts to relatives, wrapping paper, beautiful decor. So that the holidays do not hit hard on your pocket, you can save on something without losing New Year's sensations. At the same time you can have a great time!

We have prepared a master class for you to make inexpensive, but Original decoration, Which will create a real fairy tale in any house!

New Year candlesticks from cans

You will need

  • Banks
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Sequins
  • Acrylic paint for glass
  • Toothpicks
  • paper
  • Permanent marker


  1. Draw a picture on the paper with a clear outline. Insert this sheet into a glass jar. Draw a pattern on the glass with a marker.
  2. Making of New Year's candlesticks

  3. Get the picture from the can. Apply glue on the pattern on the glass, avoiding spreading contours. On loose surface sequins. After 3 minutes gently shake off the remnants of sequins.
  4. Making of New Year's candlesticks

  5. That's so cute will look like a jar.
  6. Making of New Year's candlesticks

    Making of New Year's candlesticks

It turned out great, did not it? Here is another way to create a beautiful Candlestick from a can!!


  1. Glue the paper pattern of the pattern along the circumference of the can on the outside.
  2. Making of New Year's candlesticks

  3. Then create a snowy winter. Take a bunch of toothpicks and pop them into white acrylic paint. Put it in dotted movements on the jar. The same procedure can be done in the first version.
  4. Making of New Year's candlesticks

  5. Black paint fill the picture. Put a candle in the jar, and you will have a wonderful Christmas decoration Without costs.
  6. Making of New Year's candlesticks

In more detail the whole process can be viewed in the video!

Share this wonderful idea with your friends, maybe some of them will want to make such a perfect gift for you!