/ / Garland with bows made of cloth

Garland with bows made of fabric

What New Year's holiday does without festive decorations ?! Until the new year is still a little time - just what you need to do creativity for your pleasure. garland - a traditional decoration for a house and a Christmas tree, which can easily be made independently. Or remake, if the existing old is already fed up.

Garland with bows made of cloth

Garland with bows

As a basis for this craft, take an electric luminous garland. Also you will need a variety of Cloth flaps, Combined in color, in one style. Focus on your taste!

Attention! Before proceeding with the alteration of the garland,Make sure the garland is secure. Secure are garlands of miniature led-bulbs. They are economical, give off a lot of light and practically do not heat up, therefore they are fireproof.

This master class once again proves that to create exclusive designer things does not necessarily make a big waste of money.

Elegant garland is ready! Way fantasy and inspiration do not leave you in the coming year!