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How to tighten your breasts for a week

Beautiful bust You can create with training! The breast consists of two main muscles - a large and small pectoral muscle. A lot of small muscles pass through the mammary glands and above the thorax, which join the humerus. Loading these muscles, you will make the shape of the breast perfect and pull up the saggy breasts!

We are not used to such methods: most women prefer masks, breast creams and special wraps that are supposedly pulled up Flabby skin And increase the chest. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these tools is minimal. Masks for the skin do need - for example, honey or honey-egg, with cocoa butter. But do not expect that they will pull up the sagging skin - masks and creams will only soften it. Physical exercises - that's what works in this case!

How to tighten the chest


  1. pushups
    Place your arms at the level of your armpits,pronation. Lift your torso on your half-bent hands, keeping your back flat. The priest should be on the same level with the back, do not lower it too low and do not stick out. Push-ups will help to use the muscles of the back and the press. Thanks to them, the breasts will be visibly tightened very soon! Start with 15 push-ups per day, increase the number of repetitions by 5 for each following workout.
  2. Push-ups
    Another type of push-ups that will bringExceptional benefit to your breasts. Leaning on a chair or bench with widely spaced arms, lift yourself on the half-bent hands, with your back to the chair. Keep your legs straight. Do the exercise 15 times, then increase the amount.
  3. Dilution of dumbbells
    This exercise can be performed by lying on a bench orStanding. Place your hands exactly in front of your chest, bend your elbows slightly. Fists unfold in different directions. Divide your arms wide and stay in this position for 4 seconds, return to the starting position. Repeat this 15 times.
  4. scissors
    Lie down on the floor, raise your arms straight up in front of you. The fingers should be pointed upwards and pressed tightly against each other. Strain your arms and chest, quickly start making hand movements to each other. Change hands - first perform the exercise when the right hand is on top, then - when the left. For each hand it is useful to do this charging for one minute.
  5. Curling towels
    Take a terry towel and twist it into a thick cushion until it fails. Repeat this 15 times.
  6. Fist emphasis
    Sit at the table, put your hands in front of you on the width of your shoulders, squeeze them into fists. Now all weight was put on fists, feel tension in the chest. Exercise slowly, repeat 15 times.
  7. Palm rest
    Stand exactly, legs wide shoulder width, pull your stomach. Put your palms in front of you and put them on the chest level. With the force of davi in ​​the palm of your hand, tightly pressing them to each other for 10 seconds. Repeat this 15 times.
  8. Sailing
    Level off. Do the movements with your hands, as if you are floating on the river with a brass. As much as possible space zagrebai hands, move actively. Perform the exercise for 1 minute.
  9. Torso elevation
    Lie on your stomach. Lift up the entire upper part of the body, straining the press, the muscles of the back and arms. Keep your arms out straight in front of you. Repeat 15 times.
  10. An exercise for elbows
    Bend your arms and lay them by the head. With the force of pulling the elbows to each other for 1 minute. Now on the contrary - spread your elbows to the sides and keep them as tight as possible for 1 minute.

Female breast

Be sure to do a light breast massage, whichWill promote the outflow of lymph and help to establish a good blood supply to this tender area. Make sure that your bra is always properly selected! He should not squeeze his chest, his function is thoughtful support.

Because of the wrong choice of laundry Skin condition Chest is getting worse! Working on yourself at least a day later, with the help of these exercises you will soon notice changes for the better. The breast will become younger, its elasticity will increase, and the appearance will be more harmonious!

Motivate your friends to work on yourself! Showing them this post, you will recall that the breast requires special care.