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Useful kitchen inventions

cooking food - the process is creative and fascinating. Especially inventive housewives become before the New Year holidays. But all because they want to surprise and pamper family and friends who so rarely come together.

Sometimes to implement some of the culinary ideas in a trivial lack of time. But, fortunately, there are Modern adaptations, Which can simplify the cooking processFood. With them cooking will become a real hobby. Cut the greens in a matter of seconds, squeeze out the lemon juice without pits, in a word, enjoy the preparation of delicious food!

"so simple!" Prepared for you a portion of brilliant things,Which would be glad to receive as a gift any hostess. They at the moment will solve many everyday problems and make the kitchen more cozy and functional. On the eve of New Year's holidays the best gifts, than these not to find!

Useful things for the kitchen

  1. 2 in 1: the folding coronet-mixer not only perfectly copes with its purpose, but also helps to save space.
  2. Whisk-agitator

  3. To store in the freezer the cut green can be in the container-syringe. When you need to fix the dish, just squeeze the right amount out of it.
  4. Container-syringe

  5. Folding cutting board - the dream of any mistress! The sliced ​​products can conveniently be poured into any container.
  6. Folding cutting board

  7. Now tea will not cool down with the help of an excellent stand for heating the brewer! Perhaps this is the best gadget this winter.
  8. Stove heater

  9. The right thing for a modern kitchen: an original and practical dishwashing brush.
  10. Brush for washing dishes

  11. A bottle with unfinished wine or champagne can be corked with such a cork. Now one problem will be less!
  12. Cork

  13. A reliable assistant in the kitchen: a two-tier dryer in which all the necessary things fit.
  14. Bunker dryer

  15. This is something with which the life of every mistress will become easier: a silicone brush with a dispenser. Evenly lubricate pastries, and apply a cream or sauce with it will not be difficult.
  16. Silicone brush with dispenser

  17. want! want! want! Probably, the most useful and desired kitchen gadget: a bowl with a built-in stool.
  18. Bowl with built-in stew

  19. Convenient juicer. With it every day you can start with a glass of fresh!
  20. juicer

Undoubtedly, such unusual adaptations will facilitate everyday worries of housewives, they will turn Cooking process In the enjoyment and will make the pastime in the kitchen particularly enjoyable.

Here you will find even more cool devices that will save you time and give joy in the kitchen!

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