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New Year's cartoons

Until the new year is very little time, and this means that it's time to prepare for it at full speed. If you do not have enough New Year's mood, "so simple!" Made for you a magical selection of 20 Soviet cartoons that are familiar to each of us since childhood. Review them yourself and show them to your children and grandchildren!

New Year's cartoons

  1. Grandfather frost and gray wolf
    Grandfather frost prepared gifts for all forest animalsFor the new year, but the evil gray wolf and the black crow came up with a cunning plan, according to which they would steal gifts and borrow. What will poor Grandpa frost do and how will he save the bunny?
  2. nutcracker
    This cartoon is based on the fairy tale of Hoffman and Tchaikovsky's ballet, and he tells you a story about a prince, bewitched by an evil sorceress ...
  3. Winter in sour milk
    The continuation of this one of the most beloved cartoons of childhood, in which the ball and the sailor familiar to us quarreled very badly.
  4. Winter fairy tale
    With the advent of winter the bear cub wanted to eat everythingAround, so that the winter beauty was always with him nearby - in his stomach. However, having grown snowflakes, he falls ill and wonders the whole winter that he is a snowflake. To the rescue comes his faithful friend - a hedgehog.
  5. Grandfather frost and summer
    Kind cartoon about how the children decided to show the grandfather frost of butterflies, green grass, flowers, in a word, summer.
  6. New year's night
    Before Santa Claus is a difficult task - he needs to find a Christmas tree with golden cones for children. Found the grandfather of the tree, and here the leshy does not want to give the tree just like that ...
  7. Christmas Eve
    An amazing cartoon about the adventures of the blacksmith vacuum, who promised his beloved oxane to bring the cherevichki from the queen herself.
  8. twelve months
    One cold January night the wicked stepmotherDrives his stepdaughter out of the house to pick up a basket of snowdrops, in order to please the capricious and not very smart princess. The stepdaughter does not have a way out, and she goes to the forest ...
  9. The Snow Queen
    Remember this tale all. Her heroes - kai, gerda and even the snow queen - have become very close to everyone ...
  10. The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree
    This cartoon - a wonderful story drawn by a man who in the company of beasts is preparing to celebrate the new year, and at the same time shows how cartoons are actually made.
  11. Christmas story
    A snowball monster is a creature that protects and watches the forest, but birds, animals and children who came to the forest behind the tree are not allowed to fall asleep. Only a little girl managed to make friends with the snowball.
  12. Last year's snow fell
    Cunning, lazy, greedy man - the protagonist of the cartoon. His wife sends him to the forest behind the tree, but in the fairy forest of the peasant waiting for a lot of miracles and, entangled in them, he returns home with nothing.
  13. Snowman
    Children under the newest year were left without a tree and decided to ask her for the grandfather of frost, and for this they blinded the snowman, who should carry the letter with the desire of Santa Claus.
  14. When the Christmas tree lights up
    Santa Claus hurries to deliver gifts to children, but loses several presents along the way. The toys themselves return to the Snow Maiden, but will she have time to bring them on time?
  15. New Year's trip
    This is a good story about how the boy wanted to deliver the dad to the New Year's Eve.
  16. Umka
    Umka - an inquisitive white bear cub who made friends with a Nenets boy. But people leave from those places where the umka lives, and our hero decides to find his friend.
  17. Timoshkina Christmas tree
    This is the story of a boy and his dog whoBrought from the forest tree and began to dress it for the new year. The dog broke one toy and the boy, angry, drove her out to the frost, and the dog got offended and went far into the forest.
  18. The new year's wind
    The heroes of the film - a bear cub and a little frost - are released at will by a kind New Year's wind, spreading around the world fur-tree toys.
  19. Frost ivanovich
    Grandmother had two granddaughters - one lazy, and the other hard-working. When they got to frost Ivanovitch, he ordered them to cook dinner, sweep the floor, sew a shirt and award the granddaughter on their merits ...
  20. Yellow elephant
    About how the relationship of the children who invented the carnival costume of an elephant nearly spoiled the quarrel.

These good Soviet cartoons brought me back to childhood ... I will definitely show them to my children, because such animated masterpieces, unfortunately, have not been removed for a long time!

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