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Letters on the palms

It's hard to say what is palmistry: Simple guessing, some spiritual practice orWhole science. But one thing is known: they believed in this doctrine for thousands of years, and so far many believe that on the lines on the palms of your hands you can talk about the fate of a person.

Unfortunately, "so simple!" Does not know all the principles of leadership. But we are more than sure that it is not for nothing Letters on our palms At least slightly, but stand out. And yet such signs carry in themselves something secret ... but well, show your hands, is not there that same letter m?

What are the letters on the palms


  1. the letter a Brings good luck. If among the three letters of your initials the first letter of the alphabet also flaunts, you are exactly born under a lucky star.
  2. Very rare in the palm of the hand Letter b. She says that the life of its ownerFull of constant changes. Palmists also advise: if you meet a person with this letter in the palm of your hand, and even with a name on "b", hold on to it more firmly. Such a "Mr. B" will change your life for the better.
  3. The letter in Also rarely meets and prophesies about the constant changes in life.
  4. Letter r It happens on the palm of categorical people who insist on their opinion.
  5. The letter q Bad luck and constant voltage. We hope that you do not have this sign ...
  6. The letter f Form three lines: heart, mind and life. This sign gives a person good-natured and cheerful nature.
  7. Letter and - a sign of truth seekers and lovers of travel. Owners of this sign slopes to meditations about the high and prefer solitude.
  8. Letter to Indicates changes. People with this letter on their hands often see prophetic dreams, to which one should listen.
  9. Letter l - a sign of luck. And the larger the letter, the more often you are lucky!
  10. The most unique sign! Letter m On the palms of the hand is experienced souls. This sign says that a person is wise beyond his years, hardworking and ambitious. "People m" are born leaders who are able to achieve everything they desire. You're lucky if you're in the circle of such lucky ones!
    Letter in the palm of your hand
  11. Do you have at least one friend who has a clear expression on his palm Letter n? Surely this is a mystery man!
  12. Letter n Speaks of the duplicity of a person.
  13. Another sign of bad luck. Availability Letters t Portends difficulties, especially in the other half of life.
  14. If on your palm the sign in the form The letters y, Then you are a real favorite of fortune! Do you, by chance, not be lucky in gambling?
  15. The letter x On the palm of the hand is found in secret people. But it is these people who eventually become famous for their large-scale achievements.

Of course, all the mysteries of palmistry do not have scientific evidence, so believe or not believe - it's up to you. Be that as it may, top his Fate Yourself and change your life for the better ... if the sameYou are sure that certain letters on your hands bring you luck, continue charging others with your positive energy and inspire your loved ones to do good deeds!

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