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How to decorate New Year's dishes

As they say, how to meet the new year, so it andYou will spend ... therefore for creation in the house and behind a table of sincere, warm, festive atmosphere it is necessary to work hard! In the rooms is cleaned, the scenery is hung, in the air is in the air Aroma of mandarins, Pine needles, fresh pastries ...

So want that meeting this magicalHoliday was fun and remembered for a long time native! Every year, in anticipation of a festive feast, we are looking for new interesting recipes, trying to surprise people with something new, we come up with original ideas for serving dishes and festive decoration of the table.

"so simple!", Trying to facilitate your task in the pre-holiday fuss, selected the most unusual ideas for Decorating New Year's dishes!!

New Year's table

How to decorate New Year's dishes

  1. Boiled eggs Give scope for the application of creative skills! Eyes and buttons to these snowmen are the peas of black pepper, and they preserve the stability thanks to a wooden skewer.
    Decorations from eggs

    Penguins from Antarctica will surely delight the kid! So that they do not overturn, cut off the lower part of the egg.

    Decorations from eggs

    Well, where without the classic fly agaric in the forest glade ...

  2. Decorations from eggs

  3. Original Mini pizzas In the New Year's style ask the right mindset.
    Mini pizza

    Shape and filling - for your taste!

  4. Mini pizza

  5. You can bake pampushcheki snacks with garlic from a yeast dough, laying them on a baking sheet in the form of a Christmas tree. When serving, sprinkle with freshly chopped greens.
  6. Christmas tree of rolls

  7. New Year's wreath Can flaunt not only on the door! Shape the wreath of your favorite salad.
  8. New Year's Wreath Salad

  9. Cheese sliced ​​in the form of a wreath ... as an option!
  10. New Year sliced ​​wreath

  11. Cheerful little canapés in the form of ladybirds will help to quench the children's appetite until the main dishes are served.
  12. Canapé-ladybugs

  13. A new role of the classic and beloved salad "squirrel".
  14. New Year's snowman salad

  15. Mini-snack, but rather, Edible decoration On the table in the form of Christmas boots. For correct cutting you will have to remember the lessons of geometry!
  16. Sausage boots

  17. We make out with a fiction chocolate rug or pie.
  18. chocolate pie

    chocolate pie

  19. It's time for desserts! Strawberry with cream Out of competition, and if you approach the issue creatively, you get simply unforgettable masterpieces!
    Strawberry dessert

    Small strawberry santa - it's so cute!

  20. Strawberry dessert

    Strawberry dessert

  21. New Year's style will not pass even past the fruit.
  22. Christmas tree of fruit

  23. Probably baked you keksiki all will smell with their taste tones! And thanks to the unorganized design, they will become real stars of a festive party.
  24. New Year's Cappeycakes

    New Year's Cappeycakes

  25. Traditional New Year's baking design in the form of colorful houses. Even pity there is such beauty!
  26. Gingerbread houses

  27. Round sandwich cookies can be turned into famous forest dwellers, dipping them into melted chocolate.
  28. Deer from the halo

  29. Spicy appetizer for champagne: Cocktail cherry With a tail disguised on the table in the guise of chocolate mice. Head them serve as candy-truffles, and instead of ears - confectionery chips made of white chocolate.
  30. Chocolate mice

Hope that these Decor ideas for festive dishes Will serve you a good service in preparation for one of the favorite holidays of the year! Because it is so important to cook not only delicious, but also beautiful. Choose what you like, and start creating!