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How to make traces of Santa Claus

In the lead new Year Each of us is waiting for his little miracle. Especially it concerns children who are sure that on New Year's Eve they will receive Santa Claus and bring such desired gifts!

To transform the new year of your little child into real magic, "so simple!" Offers you a wonderful idea that once and for all convinces your child that a real grandfather came to him frost!

How to make traces of Santa Claus

Traces of Santa Claus

You will need

  • soda
  • Sequins
  • water
  • boots for men)

Course of action

  1. In a flat and sufficiently large capacity (this can be a bowl or even a tray), a mound of soda with a uniform layer.
  2. Traces of Santa Claus

  3. Cut soda with spangles and mix them a little.
  4. Traces of Santa Claus

  5. Clean and dry soles of men's shoes with water from the spray gun or simply dipped them in water.
  6. Traces of Santa Claus

  7. Then dip the shoes in a mixture of soda and sparkles and leave traces on the floor in the direction from the window or door to the Christmas tree with gifts.
  8. Traces of Santa Claus

    Traces of Santa Claus

When your child wakes up on January 1, he willI'm sure that Santa Claus came to see him and all the presents are from him! Have instilled in your baby faith in true miracles and give him a magical holiday, while he has not yet grown up!