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The best series for the winter holidays

After the new year, all of us are waiting holiday And the weekend. And this means that you can devote a little time to your beloved and do an enjoyable job: reading books, watching movies and serials.

so "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of serials for every taste and color, which should be viewed during the winter holidays.

The best series for the winter holidays

  1. Fargo / fargo

    2 seasons of this wonderful series will tellYou are the story of a real killer who makes a rustle in a small American town. This theme captures already from the first minutes of the first series and does not let go until the last second.

  2. Hannibal / hannibal

    In the center of the plot is the graham wile, which helps the FBrSearch for a serial killer. The guy is able to think like a real criminal, but when he encounters difficulties, he resorts to the help of a doctor lecturer - the country's most brilliant psychiatrist and part-time maniac.

  3. Lovers

    This series will show you the story of Noah - husband and father of four children. One day he meets an allison. She is married, but recently lost her child.

  4. Treason

    This is the best Russian TV series of the year! He tells of a woman ace, who has three lovers. And yet this is a story about what kind of person you need to be to not notice the betrayals of your wife or husband.

  5. Lost room
    Lost room

    This is one of the best series shot in the last20 years! Fascinating and very unheard of plot about the mysterious key that opens any door and it becomes the entrance to a strange room where objects disappear.

  6. Anatomy of passion / gray's anatomy
    Anatomy of passion

    This series will tell you about the life of the whole hospital. About the relationship between doctors, interns and other personnel and, of course, how they all save human lives!

  7. How i met your mom / how i met your mother
    how I Met your mother

    Kind, bright and very funny story about how Ted is looking for the love of his life and in this his friends help him - the marshal and his fiancé were poured and the bachelor is a convinced bachelor.

  8. Librarians

    This series is a continuation of all the favorite stories about the zazyshke Flynne Karen. And he tells about the journey of a group of librarians for ancient artifacts.

  9. Midshipmen, go ahead!
    Midshipmen forward

    A spectacular series about the Russian empire during the palace coups. The main characters are three cadets of navigational school who find themselves in the heart of historical events, conspiracies and intrigues.

  10. Ark / el barco
    the ark

    A classic story about a global catastrophe, the consequence of which is the complete disappearance of land. The whole planet is covered with water and only the crew of an ordinary ship remained alive.

  11. Killing on the beach / broadchurch
    Killing on the beach

    Police officer Elli Miller and detective Alec Hardy will have to solve the most complicated riddle - who is to blame for the murder of the 11-year-old boy. The ending of this story is very unexpected.

  12. Sherlock / sherlock

    Classic detective story about adventuresSherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson moved to modern britain. Well, the story is the same: friends are investigating the murders and fall into very dangerous situations.

  13. Pines / wayward pines

    Itan berk is an agent of the secret service. He gets into an accident and, waking up in a small town, recalls that he needs to find two FBI agents, which disappeared without a trace. And the town is very difficult ...

  14. Homeland

    Nikolas returns home after 8 long years of service in Iraq. It would seem that everything should be fine, but then he is suspected of involvement in the preparation of the terrorist act.

  15. Better call sola / better call saul
    Better call solo

    Sol guzman is a criminal lawyer who is trying to open his own office in an albuquerque. The series is full of sparkling humor and unexpected twists.

  16. Left / the leftovers

    In the center of the plot - a group of people living in the town of Mapleton. They will have to start rebuilding their lives after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of more than one hundred million people around the world.

  17. How to escape punishment for murder / how to get away with murder
    How to avoid punishment for murder

    Kineting is an excellent lawyer whoWorks as a teacher in a university and conducts the discipline "how to avoid punishment for murder." Poor students do not even guess that soon they will have to apply their knowledge in practice.

  18. Mr. robot / mr. Robot
    Mr. Robot

    Elliott is a programmer, and he has sytsiofobiya. He decides that the only acceptable way for him to interact with people is the profession of a hacker.

  19. Big bang theory
    The Big Bang Theory

    One of the best comedy series of all time. Great humor, a brilliant play of actors and love affairs - what else is needed for a good TV show ?!

  20. Two and a half men / two and a half men
    Two and a half people

    This series is about two brothers who live under theOne roof, and the son of one of them. Men are trying to grow jockey a real man and sometimes devote him to inappropriate for his age questions, teach the game of poker or flirting with the girls.

Each of these series can capture you from the first series, so choose any of them and look in the evening, wrapped in a warm blanket!