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Top 10 Articles of 2015

All 2015 year edition "so simple!" I was looking for you the best lifhaki, tips and recipes. It's time to sum up, and we prepared 10 best articles for this year, which our readers liked most!

Best articles of year 2015

  1. You can not forgive your teachers for not showing you these 10 mathematical tricks!
    If you do not know math very well, it's not your fault, you just have not been taught this mathematical tricks in school. It is a great pity that you will not meet them in ordinary lessons Mathematics, Because with such tricks any calculations become elementary.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/prostye-matematicheskie-tryuki
  2. mathematics

  3. Do not you dare throw the cork away from the wine! You will be delighted with what you can do from them.
    Are you a wine lover? Then you always have a few Bottle stoppers. Do not throw them away, because they can make very original and useful things for your house.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/kak-ispolzovat-probki-ot-vina
  4. Cork from wine

  5. 22 lifhak for the kitchen, invented by a genius. This is not even known by your mother!
    You have a chance to learn the tricks, thanks to which your skills in the kitchen will be unsurpassed. Find out how right Store vegetables And fruits, boil eggs and save products from too rapid damage.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/kuhonnye-layfhaki
  6. Bananas

  7. A mask for crazy hair growth. Do not say then that you were not warned!
    Restore hair And give them energy for active growth - something to do immediately! Hair can change the face of a person.
  8. Hair Mask

  9. Correct facial features in 3 minutes. All you need is brushes and foundation cream!
    Basic lesson Professional make-up on every day. It's as easy as applying lipstick or mascara, but the result will undoubtedly surpass all your expectations!
    ➜ takprosto.cc/kak-podcherknut-cherty-lica
  10. makeup

  11. 4 morning procedures, from which it is worth starting your day. Take it for a habit!
    The most effective procedures that are performed in the morning After waking up. They will take you no more than five minutes and at the same time will bring a lot of health benefits.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/utrennie-procedury-dlya-zdorovya
  12. glass of water

  13. You do not even guess what your mobile phone is capable of! Check it works!
    specially for you "so simple!" Prepared a compilation of useful functions of your mobile phone, which you could not even guess about.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/skrytye-vozmozhnosti-mobilnogo-telefona
  14. phone

  15. 10 countries where it is better to be born a man. Women there no foot ...
    You will be surprised when you learn that there are still places on the planet, where women Are subjected to violence, repression, isolation and discrimination.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/10-stran-mira-opasnyh-dlya-zhenshchin
  16. female

  17. That's what will happen if you put a piece of onions in your ear. Why did not I know about this before?
    One of the miracle-tools that our grandmothers used was the usual bow. He can cure even chronic diseases that have long been poisoning your life.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/chto-sluchitsya-esli-polozhit-luk-v-uho
  18. Onion in the ear

  19. All well-groomed girls know about this for a long time! 23 rules with which either is beauty.
    If you do not like yourself - this is not an excuse to give up. On the contrary, it is worthwhile to use useful advice that will help you to obtain an excellent physical form and look attractive.
    ➜ takprosto.cc/pravila-uhozhennyh-devushek
  20. beautiful girl

Next year we will try harder for you. stay with us!