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25 products from bottles

After the holidays in each house remains a couple Glass bottles From champagne or other alcoholic beverages. We throw them away without even thinking that they can turn into irreplaceable things for the house!

"so simple!" Made for you an inspiring collection: 25 crafts from glass bottles. Choose the idea you like and embody it!

Products from glass bottles

  1. Monochrome bottles-vases will transform your interior.
  2. Bottles-vases

  3. Another delicious version of vases from bottles. They are suitable for artificial compositions and for fresh flowers.
  4. Bottles-vases

  5. The very tenderness!
  6. Bottles-vases

  7. Stylish geometric patterns suitable for bright personalities.
  8. Bottles-vases

  9. Why not make magical lamps from used bottles?
  10. Lamp from a bottle

  11. As if from a fairy tale!
  12. Lamp from a bottle

  13. You can even make table lamps!
  14. Lamp from a bottle

  15. Or a bright decoration of a discreet interior.
  16. Decor of bottles

  17. Such cute bees - the perfect decoration for the kitchen!
  18. Decor of bottles

  19. Very bright and stylish!
  20. Decor of bottles

  21. It's so easy to do ...
  22. Decor of bottles

  23. And your decorations will always be in place!
  24. Decor of bottles

Glass bottles give us a huge space for imagination, because of them you can do so many stylish things!