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The "Wheel of attention" method

We create our own destiny. We, and only we are able to change our lives for the better ... and helps us in the creation of happiness a generous universe, which joyfully contributes Fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

The main thing is to clearly know what you want to get, because uncertainty not only depresses, but also prevents you from moving forward. "so simple!" Will tell you, How to understand dreams And turn them in the near future into realized ideas!

The method of "attention wheel" writers Esther and Jerry Hicks - this is the salvation that you are surely looking for now. Take a little time for yourself - you will not regret it!

Wheel of attention

Wheel of attention

  1. Relax, turn on the quiet music. Nothing should stop you, it is desirable that no one distracted. Comfort and tranquility!
  2. Draw a large circle in the center of a A4 paper, and in the middle - another small circle (about 5-6 cm in diameter).
  3. Close your eyes and try to understand your emotions. Tell yourself: "I absolutely know exactly what I do not want. So what do I want?"
  4. When the cherished dream becomes clear in your understanding, write it down in the center of a small circle. The space outside it is divided into 12 parts.
  5. So, the goal is ready! Now you need to put together a plan of action. Write 12 free arguments in the free cells that convince you of the need to realize the desire. All statements must necessarily be aware and well thought out. Do you feel a surge of energy and a positive attitude? Yes, drop worry and uncertainty, because you will succeed!
  6. For example, you want to learn how to drive a car. So write down 12 emotional confirmations that will convince you that your desire is worth some effort!

    Wheel of attention

Sometimes it is useful to drop all the cases in order to sort out a little in yourself and in the desired. When you feel that It's time to change something, But do not know where to start, use this effective method.

Let soon all your dreams come true, because you deserve only the best!