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T-shirt decorations

You are a clever mistress and do in time in the audit cabinet. But what about a heap of things that have become worthless? Give something to social services - there it will determine where it should go, well Old T-shirts We will still be useful!

Today "so simple!" Offers to attention 15 ideas of ornaments, Which can be done by having a couple of old T-shirts on hand! Fashionable and extravagant, they will approach a variety of ensembles of clothing and give a zest to any image.

T-shirt decorations

T-shirt decorations

Materials for work

  • Soft t-shirts, combined in color
  • Copper tubules
  • Brass rings of various sizes
  • Different in size chains
  • Shoelaces
  • Buckles and fasteners
  • Earring hooks

T-shirt decorations


  • Pipe cutter
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • Jig saw
  • Fine sandpaper

Advice: The materials you need for work will be found in stores that sell accessories for costume jewelery and needlework. For buying is better to go, having before your eyes a picture with the necessary set.

  1. Flirty necklace with fringe
    Cut a T-shirt into strips 1-2 cm wide. Stretch them so that the edges curl inward. Prepare the necessary quantity Ropes Depending on the desired result. Tighten the string on the chain as shown in the photo.
  2. T-shirt decorations

    T-shirt decorations

  3. Multi-level necklace with copper tubules
    Very stylish decoration! For the manufacture of necklaces, stretching 5 strips of material of different lengths. Cutter for tubes to make room for cuts, saw off a jigsaw and superficial edge banding Sandpaper.
    T-shirt decorations

    String the tubes into strips of fabric.

    T-shirt decorations

    Adjust the length of each tier on an even surface and secure the ends in the fastener.

  4. T-shirt decorations

  5. Earrings with rings
    Take on each earring 2 strips of material 12-15 cm long and chains. Fasten them together with a knot to Brass rings. Attach to the rings of the schwenze.
    T-shirt decorations

    Simply and concisely!

  6. T-shirt decorations

  7. Pendant with a fringe
    Something reminds a jellyfish ... fasten on a copper tubule the cloth ropes in the form of a fringe. Through the tube, thread the chain of the desired length.
  8. T-shirt decorations

    T-shirt decorations

  9. Necklace with brass rings
    Three stripes of different colors are woven into a pigtail, gradually passing it through the rings. After a couple of training will always work! The ends of the ropes are fastened with pliers in the fastener.
  10. T-shirt decorations

    T-shirt decorations

  11. Triangular earrings
    Pierce small pieces of tissue through tubes of no more than 2 cm in length. Fix the ends of the fabric with a clip, attach Schwenzy. Through the tube, pass the chain and make sure that it does not slip.
  12. T-shirt decorations

  13. Braided bracelet
    Fold together a different thickness of rope, add a braided pigtail to them. The ends of the bracelet are fixed with a clasp with a clasp. Unconditional favorite!
  14. T-shirt decorations

  15. Braided necklace
    The principle is this: First make a few braids from the fabric, weaving a chain in them, fix the edges of the clips. Collect the necklace, stringing the braids on the rings through the holes of the clamps. Attach a chain of suitable length.
    T-shirt decorations

    It will become one of your favorites!

  16. T-shirt decorations

  17. Fabric feathers
    Cut out oblong pieces of cloth from the T-shirt, and use a pair of scissors to shape the feathers. Attach fasteners - earrings in Native American style ready!
  18. T-shirt decorations

    T-shirt decorations

  19. Bracelet from brass rings
    The principle of making a bracelet is no different from the necklace under No. 5 in our list.
  20. T-shirt decorations

  21. Fine necklace
    From two fabric ropes and a chain of braided pigtails, the ends of which are fixed with clasps with a clasp. Pass through the pigtail tube.
    T-shirt decorations

    Looks very cute!

  22. T-shirt decorations

  23. wide bracelet
    Fix the knots on both sides of the wide ring of the fabric strip. The ends of the fabric are fastened with a fastener.
  24. T-shirt decorations

  25. Volumetric braided necklace
    This necklace is made of 3 braids, which are then passed through the rings. Connect the ends to the chain.
  26. T-shirt decorations

    T-shirt decorations

  27. Volumetric necklace
    You will fall in love with him! Cut 10-20 ribbons of the same length from the T-shirt, stretch them. Edge clamp in the retainer, which is passed through the ring. Attach a chain of suitable length to the ring.
  28. T-shirt decorations

  29. Indian fringe
    This decoration is done in the same way as the first necklace, but with a much longer Fringe. A real hit!
  30. T-shirt decorations

As you see, from the unnecessary things you get very stylish gizmos! And how do you look at how to weave a rug from old T-shirts? Inspiration to you and do not forget Share Them and friends!