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Natural remedies for headaches

Basic Cause of headache And bad memory - clogged vessels of the headBrain. Like all tissues of our body, the brain needs constant cleaning. Excess salts, fat, lime and toxins accumulate in the vessels, forming atherosclerotic plaques. Cleaning of blood vessels from excess cholesterol and other accumulated muck occurs naturally, it is enough just to add certain foods to your menu!

Flexible, elastic, young vessels will be Promote a good blood supply to the brain And its smooth operation. Get acquainted with the list of products that will help to think clearly at any age! Especially they are useful to those who suffer from a headache constantly.

Natural remedies against headache

  1. Walnuts in honey
    Walnuts crushed in a blender or skipThrough a meat grinder. Add honey. The mass should be thick enough. If desired, add a little cinnamon and ginger. Keep the medicinal mixture in the refrigerator, do not forget to take it 3 times a day for 1 tbsp. L. before eating.

    Walnuts even visually resemble the brain - the substances contained in them will take care of the most important organ as it should.

    Walnuts in honey

  2. Onion juice with honey
    Mix 1 cup of honey with 1/3 cup of onion juice. Keep this not too tasty, but very useful mixture in the refrigerator. Use 3 times a day for 1 tsp. Except for the purification of blood vessels, this remedy also has a different healing effect - an increase in immunity.
  3. Pomegranate, apple, carrot juice
    Juice should not be purchased - do naturalJuice yourself. Juice from these fruits very well cleans vessels. Use every day for half a glass of juice before eating, for the best result - several times a day.
  4. Infusion of burdock
    The course of treatment with burdock is a month. Dry the roots of burdock. Pour 10 grams of dry roots with boiling water and let them brew in the thermos for about 10 hours. Strain the infusion, keep it in the refrigerator. Take 4 tbsp. L. Funds 30 minutes before breakfast. The root of burdock is also very useful for the digestive system.
  5. Dried fruits and tangerines
    Strengthen health in general and help cleanseThe vessels are these delicious foods! Every day for half an hour before breakfast eat 1 mandarin, a small handful of raisins and a couple of walnuts. After 15 minutes, necessarily drink 1 glass of water with lemon juice, after another 15 minutes - you can have breakfast.

Using only one of these methodsPurification of blood vessels, you immediately feel the improvement. Memory will stop failing, events that have been forgotten for a long time will be remembered! At the end of the day - no fatigue, headache, heaviness in the temples.

Normalization of the brain Will occur in a natural way, and therefore,The effect will persist for a long time. Fast and clear thinking, concentration, high concentration - all this is due to the state of the blood vessels. How good that with the help of valuable food you can take care of them!

These natural remedies are powerful Prevention of atherosclerosis. Share the article with your friends, and let the headache never bother you!