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Citations Renata Litvinova

Many consider the Litvinov Style icon. This well-known actress managed to maintain her individuality. She easily and unconstrainedly won the hearts of the audience, without changing herself.

Despite the fact that the renata is lucky to cooperate with such geniuses as Peter Greenaway and Kira muratova, She did not lose her naturalness, was not conceited, and remained an ordinary woman. Which can express their feelings very accurately ...

Citations of lirvinate

  1. love - it's big, big wounds. It's not meat, but something very bloody.
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  3. We often fall in love with those who do not meet our requirements.
  4. I spend most of my life in Russia - this is also a test. Not africa, of course, but still.
  5. Do not do anything to impressOn the man. never. at all. In principle. If the man did not join, then he should not have joined. True love arises immediately and not because you want to fasten someone.
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  7. My inner core is not in me at all, but in those whom I love. And I will never stop loving.
  8. We must admire each other, tell the person that he is talented, beautiful. Why save on mutual admiration? Because life is so short, we are all candidates for the dead.
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  10. Recently looked at her photos and thought: "You must! How beautiful I get old! "
  11. I've met many people in my life who want love, but they can not love anyone.
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  13. Every born person, though ugly, experiences in his life a peak of beauty, even half an hour, even a few moments, but it is beautiful.
  14. Oh, women, they, like mother-of-pearl, shimmer with all facets ... well, when a woman is different.
  15. Your beauty is your inner world, and how you work on it, how you keep yourself, what kind of culture you have inside, so you look.
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Every woman will understand these words ... if you liked the wise statements of the renata, show them to your loved ones!