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Crafts from wooden sticks

Small Wooden sticks, Which usually stir the paint, can become a wonderful decoration! If you are not strangers to the spirit of creativity, these ideas will surely please you!

This simple interior decor is available to everyone. The material is relatively inexpensive, and it is possible to make practical and eye-pleasing things from it. I especially liked the original lampshade for the lamp ...

Crafts from wooden sticks

  1. Boxes for flowers Can look amazing!
  2. Box for flowers

  3. Wooden boards With hooks on the wall will help the organization of various trifles in the house. So any woman wants to keep decorations!
  4. How to store decorations

  5. Framing of a mirror, Which has no analogs! If you paint doschki in the color scheme of the room, you get a real masterpiece.
  6. mirror

  7. The names of plants are also an element of decor!
  8. Pots with flowers

  9. A board made of thin sticks with an inscription can become a good gift made by oneself.
  10. Decor of the room

  11. Very nice to receive Beautiful gifts With a name plate!
  12. Gift design

  13. Letters from thin boards decorate any fence or Wooden screen.
  14. Interior Design

  15. An excellent idea: Hanging plants Enliven even the most dull interior!
  16. Plants on the wall

  17. Wooden slats do not have to be discarded after repair. They can easily decorate a freshly painted wall!
  18. Wall decor

  19. A real sea flag. I like the way it looks!
  20. Idea for decoration

  21. A miniature tablet with an inscription that creates a mood in the house.
  22. Room decor photos

  23. New Year's decor in rustic style. Next year I'll do it!
  24. New Year's decor

  25. Wooden photo frame, which perfectly fits into any decoration of the room.
  26. Photo frame

  27. Glued together thin slats, you can make a unique Lampshade for lamp.
  28. Wooden shade

  29. Stand made of natural wood Will never be superfluous!
  30. Wooden stand

There are many Ideas for decoration Premises with the help of wood. This material inspires and brings a special mood to the house ...

Share the beauty with your friends by showing them these cute ideas! Let it be always cozy in your house.