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Manicure ideas with scotch tape

No time to play with imagination for a long time Design of manicure? Scotch tape to help you! Now in the shops there are many novelties for the decoration of nails, and one of them is a manicure tape tape.

It can be a variety of colors and textures to create an ornament or transparent to divide the nail into zones. This accessory is worth a penny, so buy the whole set boldly!

Tape-tape for manicure

With the help of multi-colored stripes, fashionable women have the opportunity to create stunned Graphic drawings. Such a manicure looks stylish and unordinary, it will certainly attract attention!

"so simple!" Decided to inspire you by collecting 25 ideas for manicure with the help of Scotch tape.

Manicure ideas with scotch tape

Enjoy Manicure scotch tape Not at all difficult. She has a sticky layer, due to which the strip perfectly lays down both on a clean nail, and on a nail, covered with varnish or acrylic. Stick the scotch only over the already dried lacquer - so it will definitely stay for a long time.

  1. An unusual combination of glossy varnish and metallic.
  2. Scotch for manicure

  3. Very concisely: with bars Nail area, Which should remain without varnish. When the varnish dries, remove the adhesive tape and fix the manicure with a transparent coating.
  4. Scotch for manicure

  5. chic and shine!
  6. Scotch for manicure

  7. tender Violet color Underline white. Just pat the nail with strips over the color coating with a foam sponge impregnated with white lacquer
  8. Scotch for manicure

  9. For those who need more contrast.
  10. Scotch for manicure

  11. Very original combination of colors!
  12. Scotch for manicure

  13. Bright, but not vulgar.
  14. Scotch for manicure

  15. Another example of a combination of varnishes with different textures.
  16. Scotch for manicure

  17. For the evening out!
  18. Scotch for manicure

  19. Monochrome is always appropriate!
  20. Scotch for manicure

  21. It only remains to find the right outfit ...
  22. Scotch for manicure

  23. I love these solutions!
  24. Scotch for manicure

  25. Classic in the original performance.
  26. Scotch for manicure

  27. Manicure for special occasions.
  28. Scotch for manicure

  29. Cheerful design for everyday use.
  30. Scotch for manicure

  31. Remember the lessons of geometry!
  32. Scotch for manicure

  33. If you like pink color ...
  34. Scotch for manicure

  35. Turquoise motifs.
  36. Scotch for manicure

  37. Very cool combination of textures!
  38. Scotch for manicure

  39. In my opinion, this is a masterpiece!
  40. Scotch for manicure

  41. Here you need to try ...
  42. Scotch for manicure

  43. Worthy completion of an elegant image.
  44. Scotch for manicure

  45. Demonstration of work with a colorless tape. M-m-m ... my favorite colors!
  46. Scotch for manicure

  47. Black and white shades are appropriate with any ensemble.
  48. Scotch for manicure

  49. A little patience - and everything will turn out!
  50. Scotch for manicure

Whatever version of design you choose, do not forget about skin care! Because it is this part of the body that gives the age of the woman in the first place.

Be sure to share our ideas with your friends. Inspire, create and conquer all with your amazing manicure!