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Dream House

The home of each family is unique. This is the place where you want to return. Not for nothing they say that their native walls are treated ... especially fascinating Old houses, In which lived many generations. Surely these houses have souls, because they had to see so much in their lifetime!

"so simple!" Offers you to go on a tour of the 300-year-old cottage, which is in the county of Cornwall (Great Britain).

English dream house

  1. The white old house is bathed in affectionate sunlight.
  2. Thick walls, miniature windows and Low ceilings - a distinctive feature of old houses. Agree, it looks incredibly cozy.
    an old house
  3. But what a surprise awaits us inside! Owners of the house created a fantastic mixture of modern and Classic styles.
    living room
  4. In the center of the dwelling there is a huge fireplace, near which it's nice to get together with the whole family.
  5. The kitchen is the limit of dreams: classical sophistication and modern conveniences.
  6. The door that leads to the sun terrace. It looks like a fairy tale ...
  7. This cast-iron bath looks so appropriate!
  8. On the top floor there is a room for children. Pay attention to how modestly it is equipped.
  9. Bedroom with a stunning chandelier.
  10. When the sun goes down, the lights of the house look fabulous. From such a landscape it becomes warm to the heart.

I hope, this fantasticWalk through the dream house. Such examples inspire to take care of their home and appreciate things that pass from generation to generation. You may need some Decor ideas.

It's not even about beautiful things, but about the meaning we put in them. The main thing is the atmosphere of love and mutual understanding, which should reign in every dwelling. Tell this wonderful house to your friends!