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Terry towel rug

I have long wanted to myself Terry mat in the bathroom, Looked after in the shops suitable, and when I saw its price, all my enthusiasm evaporated ... but it turns out that you can make such a stylish and cozy thing with your hands from terry towels!

In the closet just found a few that lost their original brightness, faded when washing. Things tend to become unusable, especially if they are used often ...

Mat of terry towels

So, to make a rug stock upInspiration and 3 terry towels. Also, you need sharp scissors, a needle and threads that match the color. Note: when cutting strips, a lot of Small villi, So it's better to have a floor, for example, with an oilcloth.

It is noteworthy that Mat of terry towels Looks great in the bedroom, in the bathroom, and in the children's room. On it is so convenient to stamp small children's legs ...

Mat of terry towels

... and not only for children!

Mat of terry towels

If you take the matter thoroughly, you will create a designer thing in one evening without spending a penny. At the same time you will free a place in a case.

Save with the mind! I hope you will share this useful article with your friends-needlewomen!