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What do the lines on the wrist

Surely you've heard of Palmistry - the art of reading hands with a predictionFuture. Palmists believe that not only the character of a person is printed on his hands, but also his physical and mental health. There are no exact proofs of the truthfulness of the predictions, but sometimes one wants to open the veil of the future!

"so simple!" A fascinating occupation at leisure: to learn independently Recognize lines on the wrist.

What the lines on the wrist mean

  1. If the 1st line on the wrist is poorly visibleAnd winding, the owner of the hand needs to address the strengthening of immunity and the maintenance of health. Well, if it rises up on a woman's hand, it can indicate difficulties with childbearing and obstacles in life.

    Men with this line should also take their Reproductive function.

  2. Wrist lines

  3. "Island" on the 1st line indicates the need forRethinking their actions, the need to address the spiritual. The interrupted second line indicates the financial difficulties of the owner of the hand: the person is inclined to misuse money and periodically get into debt.
  4. Wrist lines

  5. The second line in the form of a chain speaks about the risky nature of a person. Owner of such a hand money Almost go to your pocket, but he can easily part with them. Holders of three clear lines are real lucky people, they are waited by a long and prosperous life!
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  7. But the great distance between the 2nd and 3rd linesIndicates the probability of late marriage: the wider it is, the later the marriage. The gap can be explained as a quarrel with a loved one or a divorce, but with further reunification.
  8. Wrist lines

  9. If there is a trace on the 3rd lineDifferent points, crosses and lattices, a person should pay special attention to the relationship with his second half: pay more attention, protect in every possible way ... this will help strengthen the union so that no obstacles will break it.

    That's who lucky, so it's for the owners of four lines - real Centenarians, They are waiting for at least 90 years of a happy life!

  10. Wrist lines

Do not be upset if there is only one line on your wrist. This means that everything is still ahead, and further life depends on current actions and the choice made in the present.

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