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How to tie a scarf on a box

Remember how great it was to try on things related to your beloved grandmother ... nothing compares to the warmth and comfort that they gave! Want to please their loved ones and warm them in the winter cold Knitted scarves, But do not know how to use knitting needles? Henceforth this is not a problem!

After lifhak from "so simple!", You will become a real professional in knitting. We will show you how to knit a warm, soft and voluminous Scarf for 1 evening with the help of a box.

How to tie a scarf on a box

Knitting threads for knitting, based on theirPreferences: woolen or synthetic. You can also experiment with colors. Before you start, be sure to carefully read the video.

You will need

  • 2 empty boxes of paper handkerchiefs
  • scissors
  • Knitting
  • Scotch

preparation method

  1. Cut out the bottom of both boxes. One box insert into another. Do It Incisions Around the perimeter of the box at a distance of 3 cm from each other.Friend. The depth of the incision should be up to 2 cm alternately make a scissor excavation to get the teeth, as in the photo. The corners of the box must remain intact.
    Knitting on the box
  2. Fix the thread Scotch tape From the outside. Bend each thread with a thread, moving along the perimeter of the box.
    Knitting on the box
  3. How to proceed, is shown in detail in the video, look carefully so as not to get confused. Continue to knit until you reach the desired length of the product.
    Knitting on the box
  4. Take out A scarf out of the box Through the hole. Fix the thread on the last circle of knitting.
    Knitting on the box

One more way of non-standard application of cardboard boxes! If I had known before that it is possible to knit in this way ... now nothing will stop me, it remains only to buy more thread.

Try the new method, without forgetting, of course, to share this idea with your friends!