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Lamp from a plastic bottle

A smart idea that strikes with its simplicity and spectacularity. Do It Original shade With your own hands, using only a plastic bottle, plastic spoons and glue!

Until I saw the result, it seemed strange to me what this man does ... but then I realized that he created magic literally from nothing!

Lamp from a plastic bottle

You will need

  • 2 large plastic bottles
  • plastic spoons
  • Hot melt
  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • lamp
  • stationery knife


  1. Cut the bottom of the bottle.
    plastic bottle
  2. Also, cut plastic spoons - you only need a round piece to create a shade. Glue the spoons carefully and gently to the plastic bottle with hot melt.
    plastic spoons
  3. almost done!
    Handmade from a bottle
  4. Connect the spoons to the ring, gently gluing them together.
    Lamp from a plastic bottle
  5. It remains only to put the lamp inside the lampshade!
    Original lamp shade photo
  6. So looks like a ready-made lamp shade!
    Lamp from a plastic bottle
  7. And if you turn on the lamp, a miracle will happen, without exaggeration ...
    Lamp from a plastic bottle

Such a lampshade can be done with children, it is perfect for a lamp in the country, for example. Share this simple idea with your friends! She definitely deserves attention.