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Design of a room for a girl

Every girl dreams of her own magic kingdom. I always wanted a tree house! It's a pity that my parents were not at all until this ... this girl was very fortunate: her dream came true!

The creative father decided to create a very special room for his daughter. Working in the field of video games, the man well developed his imagination and came up with something really interesting.

Design rooms for girls

  1. That's what the children's room looked like before the alteration. Boringly somehow, I can not stand these white walls!
  2. children's room

  3. The mad daddy project began with an ordinary rough drawing.
  4. room design

  5. But here is the layout of the future beautiful room, to which Dad spent 18 months and almost 4000 euros. But I do not feel sorry for my daughter!
  6. Girl's room photo

  7. The father has calculated everything to the slightest nuance. A man's approach to business does not tolerate flaws!
  8. Children's room photo

  9. So it looks like an iron frame-the basis of the design.
  10. Room interior

  11. A thin wire mesh is stretched over the iron frame. The girl's eyes are burning with anticipation of magic!
  12. Room for a girl

  13. The tree begins to take on the usual form. That the children's room was well protected, the father paid much attention to fire safety.
  14. children's room

  15. The tree is completely covered with papier-mâché. You can start drawing!
  16. Photo of a child's room

  17. Dad tried to give the tree a natural look: even moss looks like real.
  18. Alteration of the children's room

  19. Look closely: the daughter is already sitting in the tree, absolutely happy. This place comes from the most beautiful children's dreams!
  20. Interior room for a girl

  21. Even a bird on the branch is ... Little room for a girl A lot of interesting details.
  22. Children's room for girls

  23. Graceful butterflies on a tree. Dad thought of everything!
  24. Room for a girl

  25. Magic items in the children's room - a good help for the development of children's imagination.
  26. children's room

  27. Just breath intercepts from such beauty!
  28. Room for a girl

  29. In such a room you want to believe in all the best and rejoice in every day. If there was a prize "Father of the Year", this man would have definitely received it!
  30. Design rooms for girls

  31. How great that children's dreams come true! So wonderful Interior of a children's room for a girl I want to show all my parents ...
  32. children's room

I do not cease to dream, although my age is no longer a child ... share with your friends this inspiring story-idea!