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House on wheels

Designer and architect with vast experience Peter matheson Took part in a project in which he was able to design mini-houses for the homeless. This man is 70 years old, and we adore his wisdom!

The architect decided that he had no right to develop a project Small dwelling, Which should save people from frost, notHaving tried to live there! "How can I build a really functional and comfortable housing with a small area, if I live in a large, very comfortable house? This is hypocrisy! "

Peter built a tiny house on wheels, keeping within the minimum budget to check on the personal experience the quality of his invention. This is the result of his work! From such a house and I would not have refused ...

House on wheels

  1. The main problem of small housing is to fit everything in a limited space, taking into account the functionality of objects.
  2. House on wheels

  3. Peter made sure that the house was warm and cozy. While he used cheap materials for construction, for example Milled beam.
  4. House on wheels photo

  5. The bathroom in the Japanese style allows you to sit there with convenience, but it saves a lot of space.
  6. House on wheels with own hands

  7. The designer's experience prompted Peter how to place things compactly and beautifully.
  8. House on wheels inside

  9. A bed of pallets replaces the living room: Here friends can feel the host's hospitality to the full ... it's very cool that a small house has such a large number of windows: it visually enlarges the space, gives more natural light. And how nice to look at them!
  10. House on wheels

  11. In the house of Peter there are no superfluous things. Everything has its own, strictly reserved place! Such a tiny house is equipped with everything that is required for a carefree life: there is a washing machine, a fridge, solar panels, Saving energy.

    Straw and peat in the bathroom help maintain the ideal cleanliness and fit well into the concept of housing.

  12. House on wheels project

  13. In 70 years it's different, not at all, as in his youth ... that's what it means to work conscientiously. Our builders should have learned such a responsible approach to the case!
  14. House on wheels photo

This is a wonderful example of a tiny motor home built on its own. Show it to your friends, maybe they will have a dream and they will want to build the same!