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Magical time

Magic numbers Control our life! This idea is very popular with people who are in love with mathematics, and everyone who loves logic and order.

I had an acquaintance who made a wish every time I saw on the watch 11:11. Now I understand that his actions were not meaningless ... and he once laughed at such an absurd idea!

Magical time

Magical time

Everything in the world is interconnected, and numerology is the science ofNumbers - based on this theory. The numbers are endowed with a certain vibration that affects the energy of the physical world. So claimed Pythagoras, the wisest mathematician of antiquity and a man of interesting destiny.

If you noticed on the watch Magic numbers 11:11, it's time to make a wish! At this moment the power of your intention to get more happiness in this life will coincide with the energy of numbers. Once people believed: if a coincidence of 4 units is seen, the angel flies to this place.

11 - a symbol of spiritual purity, enlightenment,Uncomplicated consciousness. 11:11 is a double number with a very powerful effect. If you often notice it, there will be an order in your life that was previously lacking! Clean, neat, absolutely perfect time for building new plans ...

We believe that paying attention to detail -A sign of awareness. The magic time calls your consciousness to wake up, to feel this moment! The more you notice interesting moments in your daily life, the better you will manage your reality, turning into the happiest being.

Do not forget to make a wish in time and tell about this great chance for luck to your friends!