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Toes and toes

Our legs can tell a lot of interesting facts! There is an opinion that the shape of the fingers on the leg not only determines person's character, But even predict his fate.

Today "so simple!" Will introduce you to Pedomancy - guessing along the lines of the foot and the shape of the toes. This science belongs to the directions of physiognomy and enjoys great interest among lovers of mysterious practices.

Character on the toes


Example 1
Points to the creative nature. People with this form of fingers are very intelligent and always find creative solutions to any problems. But sometimes, because of the uncertainty in themselves, they throw the business already started halfway.

Example 2
People with this form of fingers are energetic and inventive, can always stand up for what they believe.

Example 3
The indicator of leadership qualities. The main goal of such people is success in your favorite field of activity. And only one thing can knock them out of the rut ... it's irrepressible perfectionism!

Another curious fact: In some Indian legends it is told that mothers did not allow their sons to marry women whose second toes were longer than others. It was considered a sign of an imperious nature.

Example 4
For such people the most important value isFamily and close friends. Holders of this form of fingers are distinguished by their ability to listen and put themselves in the shoes of others. Sometimes they get too close to heart, so this empathy often hurts.

Example 5
Speaks about ambitiousness, but unwillingness to take responsibility. A person with such fingers on his leg is funny and attractive, but often, like a child, is naive.

Having learned also about what the shape of the fingers on the hand says, you can Tell a lot about a person. Whatever they say, but do not hide the truth!

Look down ... and which fingers do you have?