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Games in the bathroom

Some kids happily run to the bathroom to splash, while others can huddle with a hint of bathing ... so that Water procedures Did not turn into a nightmare for the child and his parents, "so simple!" There are several ideas on how to make a fun game from swimming!

Lifhaki for moms

Recall only a few Safety rules in the bathroom:

  1. Do not for one minute leave your baby alone in the bathroom!
  2. Before swimming, be sure to measure the temperature of the water.
  3. My child's head only with a special shampoo "without tears."
  4. Keep all household chemicals in the locker under lock and key.

Games in the bathroom

A lot of interesting ideas, how to turn the bathing of a child into fun, can be gleaned from a video.

Bathe - it's so cool! With these tricks the kid will forget about unpleasant sensations during water procedures, and bathing will become the favorite occupation. Steep lifhaki for moms make life much easier and save the time of a modern woman.

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