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Table football with your own hands

The following idea will interest those who like to play Board games And even ready to do them with their own hands. why not? Sometimes you want to make a piss!

It turns out, from a conventional shoebox and 10 clothespins can be manufactured table soccer, Which will amuse not only the children, but adults. Yes, the child lives in everyone ...

How to draw table football

You will need

  • Shoe box
  • scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • wrapping
  • 5 pins each with 2 different colors
  • Ball for table tennis
  • 4 bamboo sticks


  1. You will need a regular cardboard box without a cover. It is desirable to glue corners and edges with adhesive tape.
  2. cardboard box

  3. Make 2 holes for the gate.
  4. Cutouts in a cardboard box

  5. The box can be dyed, but it's better to wrap it in wrapping paper.
  6. Golden box

    Golden box

  7. Do 4 identical round holes in opposite sides of the box.
  8. Golden box

  9. Stretch the sticks through these holes.
  10. Table football with your own hands

  11. So that's what clothespins and balls are for!
  12. Table football with your own hands

    Table football with your own hands

Look how simple it all is!

Such a Homemade game Surely win your child. Moreover, he himself can even make such a table football!

Cheerful leisure is guaranteed!