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Valentine's Day

Valentics is a small card, Which it is customary to give to people who are dear to the heartSt. Valentine's Day. Present this cute surprise not only to those to whom you are experiencing romantic feelings, but also to your mother, sister or brother, friends, teachers ...

"so simple!" Shares today the idea of ​​making Bulk valentines. If you make such hearts in enough quantity, you can decorate an unusual room or workplace.

Bulk valentine

Three-dimensional valentine's own hands

You will need to work

  • Color cardboard, invoice paper for creativity, foam rubber (optional)
  • scissors
  • Stapler

As you see, to start creating, you need a minimum of materials and tools! See the video in the video.

Make for the holiday also a sweet surprise, preparing the cookies "cherry hearts". From such a dessert anyone will grow pissed!

Share the original idea of ​​congratulations with your friends!