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Signs that a person drinks little water

Every day you need to drink at least 8 glasses of ordinary water, in addition to coffee, tea, juices, compotes and so on. But often we ignore this need of our body, which leads to Dehydration.

Due to the fact that in The body lacks water, Metabolism is broken, and also are not deducedToxins. It is especially important to drink a lot in the summer, because on hot days many liquids are lost, with the appearance of fainting and other painful conditions. To find out if you drink enough, check yourself for the following 10 signs.

Symptoms of dehydration

Dry lips

  1. Dryness in the eyes
    If you feel a slight itch in your eyes, squirrelsAs if poured with blood, then you must drink water. When it is not enough in the body, tear ducts dry. This can lead to various eye diseases.
  2. Periodically there is a strong thirst
    If you are thirsty, the brain sends active signals and requires fluid. This means that the body is dehydrated.
  3. Heart palpitations
    When there is not enough water in the body, the blood becomes viscous, and it begins to circulate slowly. While increasing Heart strain.
  4. Dry mouth
    If you are healthy, but you feel dryness in your mouth, most likely, your body begins to experience dehydration.
  5. Decrease in the volume of urine and change in its color
    Another sign of water shortage: a decrease in the volume of excreted urine and its darkening.
  6. joint pain
    Joints hurt not only in people of age. Some of them hurt after running and jumping. If you did not have any injuries and illnesses, then, most likely, you have dehydration. Human cartilage disks are composed of 80% of water. If it is not enough, the joints rub against each other, this causes pain.
  7. dry skin
    The state of our health is reflected in our skin. If you have very dry skin, the body probably lacks water.
  8. Muscle mass is lost
    The muscles are half out of the water, so you should drink a little while during training and take small sips.
  9. Constant fatigue and drowsiness.
    If you do not get enough sleep even after a long sleep and feel tired all the time, then you need to pay attention to how much you drink. water scarcity Leads to a lack of oxygen, from which this state arises.
  10. Deterioration of digestion.
    If you feel heartburn, be sure to drink water. Untreated hydration, the amount of mucus in the stomach decreases, while concentrated gastric acid causes Harm to internal organs.
    The girl drinks water

With age, the body becomes more difficult to retain water. So you need to increase its consumption. To be healthy and look young, you need Adhere to the right drinking regime Throughout life.

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