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Lawn with own hands

This man was fed up with asphalt and cement around, and he had a wonderful idea. Even if the house is surrounded by a sidewalk, there is a way to create a green corner with real grass ...

A small "green island", as the owner lovingly calls it, is the best place for rest and relaxation. Then, as it is done, it makes me delight!

Lawn with your own hands

  1. The idea is quite simple actually. We need boards and golden hands.
  2. Lawn with your own hands

  3. First the guy made a simple rectangular base.
  4. Lawn photo

  5. For connection of boards the master used screws and an automatic drill.
  6. Lawn photo

  7. At first it seemed that he was making a bed of boards!
  8. Lawn photo

  9. The guy admitted that the work gave him great pleasure: in the process of all these twists and nails he imagined how beautiful the result would be ...
  10. Lawn photo

  11. A little more - and it becomes clear what is interesting about this idea!
  12. Lawn photo

  13. The wooden base should be supported with boards on the sides.
  14. How to make a lawn

  15. For strong construction it is very important to make corners correctly.
  16. Lawn from the bed

  17. The boards must be treated with a special compound that will protect them from bad weather conditions and insects.
  18. Unusual lawn

  19. Got a great bed!
  20. Idea for the lawn

  21. But this is only the beginning ...
  22. Lawn photo

  23. A thick layer of chernozem inside the wooden structure will become a magical lawn!
  24. Homemade lawn

  25. A few tricky manipulations - and everything is almost ready.
  26. Lawn photo

  27. A lawn with its own hands will be happy to please its owner. There I would spend a very long time ...
  28. Lawn photo

  29. At the head of the bed plant wonderful plants!
  30. Lawn photo

  31. It remains only to water the grass ...
  32. Lawn photo

  33. Here is the result. It seems, no extra comments are required! Heavenly place ...
  34. Lawn photo

The process of making this wonderful design can be seen in the video! I want to make such a Lawn at the cottage...

How do you want to lie on the grass under the gentle rays of the sun ... this inspiration in its pure form! Show your friends such a fascinating idea, they will definitely appreciate it.