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Things from old T-shirts

No matter what they say, but many just love Give new life to old things!! So for the most inveterate needlewomen "so simple!" Offers another bright ideas.

It's incredible that such original things can be Make of unnecessary T-shirts!! And most importantly - you do not even need to sew. Already have something to do in the free evenings ...

Things from old T-shirts

  1. pillowcase
  2. Put the pillow on the T-shirt and outline it around the perimeter, adding 8 cm on each side. Cut out two squares of cloth.

    Pillow on the T-shirt

    Cut the edges of the fabric with fringe: 8 cm - width, 2 cm - length.

    Cut a fabric

    Put the pillow between the squares of the fabric.

    Creative pillow

    Upper and lower cut strips of tissue tied in nodules.

    Knot of fabric

    I am glad that you do not even need to sew!

    Pillow case

  3. a bracelet
  4. Cut out 3 strips of two T-shirts of different colors. The length of each strip should be 20 cm.

    Cut strips of fabric

    From above fix all 6 strips with a small elastic band.

    Strips of fabric

    For sure you know how to weave braids! One strand is two strips of different colors.

    Pigtail from fabric

    Fasten the elastic band and the other end of the finished pigtail. On each edge attach to the magnet.


    To hide the magnets, cut out small squares from the fabric, fold them as shown in the picture and the glue.

    Strips of fabric

    So simple that even a little daughter can do it!

    Fabric bracelet

  5. barrette
  6. Cut out a square of 25 x 25 cm from the T-shirt, which is then folded into a rectangular strip.

    Blue cloth

    Do not forget to glue the edges together.

    Blue cloth

    Once again fold the edges and glue.

    Blue cloth

    Once or twice - and the butterfly turned out!

    Blue butterfly

    Blue butterfly

    Cut out a small strip of cloth, they are similar in size and glue.

    Blue strip of fabric

    Fixing ...

    Blue cloth

    ... and with the workpiece for the barrette we connect!


    Turned out the most charming accessory!

    Blue barrette

How cool that old T-shirts can be turned into Original things!! What to say, human imagination has no boundaries. But what idea fascinated you?