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What can be done from the jar

Plastic jars - a treasure that we do not even suspect. If you have a package from under the tablets with a lid, do not rush it to throw out. You will be surprised to find out how useful it can be!

These ideas pleased me with their plainness. Any of them is easy to implement, and how much pleasure from the result ... especially good keychain!

What can be done from a jar

  1. Plastic jars are great for storing cosmetics. If you paint the plastic, it will be even better!
  2. What to make of a jar

  3. Such a jar can be used to correctly dispense detergent and powder. Make marker marks, and you can always measure the right amount when washing!
  4. Jars of medicine

  5. Drill holes in plastic jars, you will make an original vase.
  6. Crafts from jars

  7. Gift wrapping. For lovely little things!
  8. What to make from a jar photo

  9. Small jars With a lid will be indispensable in any trip: it is convenient to transport a small amount of shampoo, any cream, conditioner for hair and other cosmetics.
  10. Plastic jar

  11. An improved version of an ordinary garland. I like the way it looks!
  12. Jar of tablets

  13. Keychain with the necessary things in a critical situation. Plaster, alcohol napkin, candles, matches, pins - you never know what can happen in the campaign!
  14. Small jar

  15. Idea for storing a spare key. Disguise at the highest level!
  16. Plastic jar

  17. So you can store hairpins and various small ornaments. Nothing will be lost!
  18. Plastic jar photo

Crafts from jars - space for creativity! In pretty decorated containers you can store buttons, coins, put nuts for snacks at work ... very glad and the fact that using plastic bottles, instead of throwing away, we help the environment, because they do not decompose in natural conditions.

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