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Candlesticks from cans

No romantic will remain indifferent when looking at these Magic lanterns!! "so simple!" Offers to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the elves, fairies and gnomes without leaving home. Create a fairy tale with your own hands.

The fairies look so realistic that you involuntarily start to believe that these fairy-tale creatures really happened to be in the bank by chance ... So time to work wonders!

Fantastic candlesticks from cans


  • Glass jars
  • Dark cardboard
  • Super glue
  • PVA glue
  • White paper napkins
  • Sequins
  • twine
  • Ornaments (bumps, dried berries, acorns)
  • Small led-flashlights or candles for the aroma lamp


  1. Cut out from the cardboard figurines of the fairies (a template you can find on the Internet).
    Can candlesticks
  2. with help Superglue Attach the cut figurines to the can. How to glue figurines - from the outside or from the inside, will depend on the selected lighting element.

    If you will use led flashlights, safely place the fairy inside the jar, if the candles - paste outside to avoid a fire.

    Can candlesticks

  3. Using a brush, brush the jar with glue.
    Can candlesticks
  4. If the napkin is multilayered, divide it into layers. Attach to the jar, glued with glue, napkin and gently level to prevent wrinkles.
    Can candlesticks
  5. Let the product dry. The capacity of a beautiful milky color was obtained. Spread the top of the can and the area at the bottom with glue.
    Can candlesticks
  6. Sprinkle the place, smeared with glue, sparkles.
    Can candlesticks
  7. Wrap the string around the neck of the jar to hide the edges of the napkin.
    Can candlesticks
  8. Gluing decorations.
    Can candlesticks
  9. The soul rejoices in such beauty!
    Can candlesticks

A detailed description of the progress of the work, see the video.

It's hard to refrain from admiring, looking at thisMastery. The human imagination is truly limitless! How much I live, I am convinced that the used banks can not be thrown out in any case, because of them you can make so much beauty ...

Decorate with these flashlights house - you will not regret. And be sure to share the article with your friends!