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Original pot of cement

Spring will soon come, and this means that Flower season not far away. So it's time to stock up on fresh ideas and decorate your yard with original things!

such Flowerpot, Which you now see, it is very easy to do. You will need an old towel, cement and a little patience. But you just imagine the reaction of neighbors ... they probably want to make such a thing!

Flower pot of cement


  • cement
  • bucket
  • Old towel


  1. To begin with, prepare the cement itself, and then completely immerse it in an old towel.
  2. Soaked in a cement towel put on a bucket. Make sure that there are no wrinkles at the top.
    Canvas in cement
  3. Let the towel dry for 24-48 hours. It must completely harden. Turn over the structure, take out the bucket - and voila!
    Bed of concrete

Great idea for giving! such Cement pot Will become the original home of your favorite flowers!

But how do you like the idea Create a flower pot with your own hands?