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How beautiful to wear a kerchief

To be stylish, you need not only wear fashionable clothes, but also use accessories correctly. Kerchiefs have recently returned to fashion. They will easily change your image beyond recognition.

Take note of these 10 brilliant ideas. Here's how to wear scarves, scarves and light scarves on your head!

How to wear a kerchief

  1. In African
    Bright kerchiefs and satin scarves in the African manner is a terrific idea. Collect the hair in a high bunch, and then put a headscarf on your head, tie it in front, hiding the tips.
    African-style handkerchief
  2. Broad stripe
    A scarf, wrapped around the head and tied behind, is what you need. Thus it is necessary to collect hair in a high hairstyle.
  3. Nodule
    A small handkerchief tied in front looks very romantic.
  4. Traditional way
    The way our grandmothers use is again in vogue. Agree, looks stylish!


  5. turban
    Well, and where do without a turban!
  6. Universal way
    This method is very simple and will protect you from the sun on hot days.
  7. Kerchief
    Weaving the handkerchief into the braid, you make the hair visually thicker and more attractive.
  8. Idea for collected hair
    This way is simply impermissible to miss!
  9. Extravagant rose
    For real fashionistas!
  10. Handkerchief
    This method is suitable for both young women of fashion, and for more mature women, looking how to tie a handkerchief.



Wearing a kerchief in an unusual way, you will look incredibly stylish. Be always irresistible, please yourself and others with your beauty!

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