/ / Vertical flower bed with own hands

Vertical flower bed with own hands

Vertical flower beds It is not only a wonderful decoration for anyPlot of land, but also a way to save space. They admire their unusual and diverse forms. Such a flower bed is perfect for growing ampelic varieties of petunia, pelargonium, begonias, verbena, nasturtium, lobelia, diace, bakopa ...

Gardeners-beginners better still stop at Petunias. This is one of the most unpretentious ornamental plants, which has a delicate aroma and pleases its flowering until late autumn.

Vertical flower bed with own hands

"so simple!" Proposes Make a vertical flower bed for petunias with your own hands.

Vertical flower bed

You will need

  • Large plastic container for plants
  • Plastic sewer pipe
  • Garden wire mesh
  • Scotch tape
  • Expanded clay (for drainage)
  • Garden brown film
  • Knife, scissors
  • the soil
  • Petunia


  1. Cut a piece of wire mesh of the correct size into the container. At the bottom of the tank the mound of expanded clay (the thickness of the layer is 1-2 cm).
    Vertical flower bed
  2. One end of the plastic pipe is sealed with adhesive tape, and along the entire length make small holes.
    Vertical flower bed
  3. Place the pipe in the center of the structure.
    Vertical flower bed
  4. Place the film inside the structure, fixing it in any convenient way (plastic flanges, staples or tape). The space between the tube and the film is filled with soil.
    Vertical flower bed
  5. Do the holes in the film on the sides and plant the seedlings in the soil.
    Vertical flower bed
  6. to provide Watering of plants, It is enough to fill the pipe with water. The moisture in the soil will be gradually absorbed through the holes, distributed uniformly along the substrate and feeding the roots.
    Vertical flower bed
  7. In a few weeks you will be able to admire the wonderful flowering!
    Vertical flower bed

Such a flower bed really looks fabulous andWill become a real highlight of your garden! It is necessary to show a creative approach to the design of a flower garden on the plot of land, so that the eye rejoices in the riot of colors until the onset of the first cold weather.

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