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How to pump a press standing

Flat tummy is a woman's decoration. A slender waist and a pronounced press will make any figure harmonious even if the hips are a bit wide. But in addition, that the beautiful press carries an aesthetic function, it is a sign of health. Because to give birth and bear a child, a woman needs Strong muscles!!

The press is recommended to everyone, at any age and in any physical form. this an exercise Reduces the amount of visceral fat thatSurrounds the internal organs, which also brings tremendous benefits to the body. We used to rock the press, lying on the floor or on the bench. But there is a way to make it much more fun and effective!

Try to rock the press standing, you will be surprised by the results. The muscles will quickly become the desired shape!

How to pump a press standing

important: While performing all the exercises, hold your back andShoulders straight. Breathe properly: exhaling, make an effort. On inhalation - relax. Each exercise should be performed within 45 seconds. It is very convenient to perform the complex by including a video located after the description of the exercises.

  1. Foot lift
    Stand up straight, keep your legs together. Lift your foot, trying to reach the fingertips with both hands. Do the exercise alternately for each leg. Most importantly - do not stoop, make sure that the muscles are in constant tension.
  2. Foot lift

  3. Twisting with weight in hands
    To perform this exercise is necessaryWeighting agent. You can use a ball, a dumbbell, a bottle of water and not even a very large watermelon! Lift the leg, stand straight in this position and move the weighting agent diagonally. For balance you have to strain the lower and oblique muscles of the press well. Change your foot and repeat the exercise.
  4. Body twisting

  5. Twisting in a jump
    Bend your arms in the elbows at the chest level. Start to jump quickly, while turning the case in different directions. Turns must be done, forcing the slanting muscles of the press to work actively. Look straight ahead, jump as fast as you can.
  6. Torsion

  7. Circular motion
    Stand straight, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Bending forward, start turning the body around. While keeping your legs in a fixed position, turn only due to the work of the muscles of the press and back. You will feel them very well! Start with turns in one direction, then in the opposite direction.
  8. Circular motions of the body

  9. Knee lift diagonally
    Lift your left knee diagonally - inDirection of the right shoulder. While holding your hands closed in the lock, actively move them in the direction from the shoulder to the knee. Watch your back! Repeat the same with the other leg.
  10. Lifting the body diagonally

  11. Exercise for the lateral muscles of the press
    The lateral muscles of the press are usually little used inTraining. And it is because of their strength that the waist looks slim and slender! Lift one leg, bend it in the knee and unfold it with your toe. Opposite arm bend and fix on the waist. Lift your arm and leg on one side at the same time. The other side of the body try to keep straight.
  12. For the lateral muscles of the press

Train together with the video is very convenient! Carefully look at how the exercises are performed, and immediately proceed.

Performing these exercises every other day, you are verySoon you will notice the changes in your figure. Muscles will strengthen, the stomach will become very attractive. To complete the whole complex, you only need to spend 10 minutes! This training Much more interesting than the usual swing of the press, agree.

Give your friends the perfect instruction for buying a strong press. They will fall in love with this Charging at first sight!