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Lacy window

often window Our apartments do not come out to the ocean, sea orAnother chic landscape, but to the same high-rise building, which you live. This gives a lot of discomfort, because the thick curtains, with which we try to somehow protect our personal space, let very little daylight pass. In addition, they visually reduce the space in and make the rooms lower.

But there is one Great idea, With which you will not only hide from the curious eyes of your neighbors, leave a source of natural light and even hide from the morning rays of the sun, which often wake you up.

How to draw a lacy window

You will need

  • lace
  • corn starch
  • brush
  • scissors

Course of action

  1. Of lace, you need to cut out pieces of the size you need to fit in the size of the windows.
    Lacy window
  2. 2 tablespoons of starch mixed with the same amount of water.
  3. This mixture needs to carefully cover the window glass.
    Lacy window
  4. While the starch is not dried, lace is applied to the glass, and after that, lace the lace with starch.
    Lacy window
  5. Wait until the starch dries!
    Lacy window

    Lacy window

such Lacy windows Will suit any interior, the main thing is to choose the right pattern and color of the fabric. If you had this idea to taste, tell your friends about it!