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Spring Manicure 2016

The change of the season makes its adjustments not only in the wardrobe of modern women of fashion. In the spring of each of us, as never before, we want to look attractive and renewed to the very tips of our nails.

Stylish manicure Gives the image a completeness and integrity, so it is worth paying attention to the hottest trends in the design of nails in the spring of 2016 from "so simple!".

Spring manicure 2016

Determined by Form of nails, Take into account that long sharp nails are no longer in fashion. Stay on natural almond-shaped or rectangular with rounded edge nails of moderate length.

  1. Monochrome manicure
    Designers have designated a palette of colors for this season. In the fashion shades of pink, blue, pistachio, coral, lemon ... as you see, there is something to choose from!
    Spring manicure

    A one-color manicure is always relevant. Painted your nails with a favorite varnish, dried and cooked!

    Spring manicure

  2. French manicure
    Timeless classics ... French With us forever! So that this manicure did not look too boring, add an element of playfulness.
    Spring manicure
  3. Moon manicure
    Moon manicure is called Manicure from dior, As the audience first saw him at the shows of the collections of this fashion house. Do it almost as well as the French, only allocate not the edge of the nail, but the lunette at the base.
    Spring manicure

    Looks amazing!

    Spring manicure

  4. Manicure frame
    A rather original way of design of nails, which will definitely attract attention.
    Spring manicure
  5. Colorful manicure
    Such a nail design is very popular. Nails are painted with varnish of different shades and textures. The main rule is their harmonious combination.
    Spring manicure

    Those who want to find a soul mate, Feng Shui Recommend to allocate an anonymous finger, as it contains the appropriate energy. Than hell is not joking, maybe worth a try!

    Spring manicure

  6. Art manicure
    Flowers, flowers, more flowers ... perhaps the most romantic of all! Although it requires certain skills and the ability to keep a brush, it looks very nice. Stickers for nails, Sold in stores, with a huge selection of different prints greatly simplify the task.
    Spring manicure
  7. Manicure-ombre
    A smooth transition of colors looks charming!
    Spring manicure
  8. Metal manicure
    Is very popular nowadays. To do this, it is enough to purchase a special Foil.
    Spring manicure
  9. Manicure, negative space
    His idea is that the nail is not completely painted up, but leave a space free from varnish of any shape.
    Spring manicure
  10. Manicure with a vertical strip
    Manicure with a vertical stripe has subdued podiums in the beginning of 2016. This pattern, by the way, visually makes the nail longer.
    Spring manicure

So that the varnish lasted longer, and your efforts did not go wrong, be sure to follow the sequence of the manicure, stay trendy always and do not forget to share the article with your friends!