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Makeup by the sign of the zodiac

Take seriously Astrological forecasts Or not - it's purely personal. But with the fact that each sign of the zodiacal circle has its own characteristic features, you can not argue.

Astrologers say that every woman has her own colors of success and luck. "so simple!" Today will tell, How to paint representatives of different zodiac signs, To emphasize its natural beauty, and features to turn into virtues.

Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

  1. Capricorn
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Stubborn and self-assured astrologersRecommend to observe the measure in make-up. They better refrain from too flashy colors and stay on a brown-beige or gray palette. Refined facial features can be emphasized with the help of a hailer, an equalizer and blush.

  2. Aquarius
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Aquarians should focus on the eyes, givingPreference for gray-blue and silvery shadows. Born under this sign are often inclined to go to extremes: then put too much make-up, then completely dispense with it. Light lip gloss, mascara for the volume of eyelashes and gentle shadows of cold shades - an ideal option.

  3. fish
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Makeup of gentle, dreamy, romantic fishMust be just as ephemeral. Lips with a pinkish-transparent sheen and eyes, brought in cold color, will look even more mysterious and mysterious. Make-up in pastel colors will give even more refinement to the image of fish.

  4. Aries
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Which can better emphasize rebelliousnessAdventurous rams than red lipstick! That's really someone who can safely experiment with color. In the makeup of the eye is better to limit the ink for the amount of eyelashes, and the tonal basis to choose, focusing on the skin tone.

  5. Taurus
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Creative calves love to care forAnd always follow the latest innovations in the fashion world. They always know how to successfully choose a perfume and choose the appropriate shade of shadows. Gray, lilac, green and brown tones will help to reveal the best features of their character.

  6. Twins
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    And blows with creativity from this sign! Bright, unconventional make-up will perfectly show the diversity of the curious nature of the twins.

  7. cancer
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Emotional cramps astrologers do not recommendChoose too bright colors. Nude makeup is most suitable for their sensitive nature. And to give an image of raisins, it is possible to distinguish the cheekbones with blushes of tender effusions.

  8. a lion
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    From the lionesses and breezes with confidence. To emphasize all the strength of their character, they will be able to make eyes with smoky make-up. For solemn occasions golden shadows will be very handy! Lipstick is better to choose discreet shades.

  9. Virgo
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Neat virgins are inherent in a sense of taste and measure. They will be very close to the restrained makeup in soft colors. Lightly illuminate the skin will help highlighter.

  10. Libra
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Let the strong-willed character of the scales be reflected in clearClassic shooters! The contrast goes to them. Representatives of this sign can safely experiment with different styles of make-up, but remember that you can allocate one thing: either the eyes or the lips.

  11. Scorpio
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    A deep passionate make-up will reflect the temperament of these women. Bold color of shadows, outlined eyes, highlighted lips - all this makes scorpions unusually attractive!

  12. Sagittarius
    Make-up for the sign of the zodiac

    Optimistic and good-natured archers will decorateNeutral makeup. The brilliance of their eyes does not need to be further emphasized. Slightly drawn eyelids and slightly touched lip gloss is all that is needed, because the positive energy of this sign outshines everything.

There are many tricks and tricks of make-up that can transform a person. However, we must remember that the flashy and vulgar (even if done by the most expensive cosmetics) makeup will not decorate anyone.

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