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The influence of the smartphone on sleep

Read the news during a friendly conversation, forLunch, in transport. Check messages on the go. At any convenient moment staring at the screen of your smartphone. Oh, this behavior will not surprise anyone! Caring scientists calculated that the average modern owner of a fashionable Gadget Checks it for updates every 6 minutes. Everyone accepted this fact and reconciled, it is difficult to argue with progress ...

But restless explorers did not stop densely dealing with this issue: The impact of smartphones on health Obviously. As it turned out, the most notable harm comes from watching the news tape just before bedtime! Having learned about this, you now hardly want to watch a glowing screen before falling asleep ...

How smartphone affects sleep

Man with phone

Sleep is a subtle physiological process. So that Sleep easily and quickly, Easy to sleep and recover, the bodyShould allocate certain hormones. This is possible with a combination of many conditions: the room for sleep should be ventilated, dark, comfortable. The light of the smartphone in the night does not fit into the picture of the ideal place for sleeping.

Screen light interferes with the release of the hormone Melatonin, Which makes us feel tired. The flow of photons from the screen of the smartphone gives the signal: it is not the time to sleep. So many unlooked news, so much interesting! We fall asleep more slowly, as a result much less we sleep. The stress accumulated over the day is increasing. Well, it's not so scary, you think. And you will be wrong!

Smartphone and ice cream

Scientists explained why sufficient Time of quiet sleep Is so important for the proper functioning of the body. For 7-9 hours the neurons of the brain must have time to fully rest. In addition, the brain must be properly cleansed of neurotoxins. This is possible only during a long sleep.

If purification from the accumulated neurotoxins is notIs happening, we are thinking worse. Memory often fails, there are even gaps in it! Inattention, metabolic disorders, delayed reactions. A person who sleeps a little, turns into a zombie. It's too big a sacrifice ...

It's fascinating, of course, at the end of the day to view new photos and read something interesting. But just before going to bed, I will not do it again.

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