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Unpretentious house plants

To ensure a full sense of comfort and cleaning the air in the house houseplants Just needed. They cheer up and please the eye. Unfortunately, not all of our apartments are adequately covered to promote the full growth and development of decorative houseplants.

"so simple!" Offers a compilation of The 10 most shade-tolerant plants, Which can survive without the abundance of sunlight.

Unpretentious houseplants

  1. Kalateia
    Unpretentious houseplants

    This plant with beautiful patterned leaves will decorate any room. Penumbra for it is an ideal place, because bright sun rays can lead to twisting and fading of the leaves.

  2. Ivy
    Unpretentious houseplants

    In nature, he feels great in the shadeForests. Ivy is used for vertical landscaping of rooms or as a ground cover plant. It perfectly cleans the air in the room. Ivy is not picky about the soil, but loves regular watering.

  3. Dracene marginal
    Unpretentious houseplants

    Exotic look of dracaena attracts the eye, but toPalms, contrary to external similarity, it has nothing to do. This plant should be kept away from sunlight and sprayed regularly to avoid drying out the tips of the leaves. Water it moderately.

  4. Ferns
    Unpretentious houseplants

    Choose a semi-dark place for this plant. Ferns are considered easy to care for, but keep in mind that they will immediately react to the dryness of the air and the lack of moisture in the soil.

  5. Filodendron cordate
    Unpretentious houseplants

    Liana with fleshy leaves got into our houses fromHumid forests of central and southern America. A plant that is well tolerated by the shadow, but in winter it is better to rearrange it to a more lit place to avoid unnecessary stretching of the stems.

  6. Spathiphyllum
    Unpretentious houseplants

    In the people it is also called "women's happiness". During flowering, which can last several months, the spathiphyllum is unusually beautiful! Regularly cut old yellowed leaves to stimulate the growth of new ones.
  7. Aglaonema
    Unpretentious houseplants

    Ideal roomer even for beginners florists! To transplant it often does not follow: the roots of the plant are better in a limited space.

  8. Sansevieria three-lane
    Unpretentious houseplants

    This plant does not require special representation! "Mother tongue" is actually very difficult to ruin, it can adapt to any conditions.

  9. Aspidistra high
    Unpretentious houseplants

    In natural conditions, the aspidistra grows inCool shaded places, so in a city apartment does not require intensive lighting. Ideal for rooms with windows facing north.

  10. Scindapsus (epipremnum)
    Unpretentious houseplants

    Grows rapidly, does not require frequent transplantation, forgives delay with watering: an ideal plant for beginners. Grows well even in the back of the room.

As you can see, there is a large number of indoor plants for which the content in the shade is not a problem. Now you can garden even the darkest corner of the house: choose a plant to your liking!

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