/ / Magnet on the refrigerator by own hands

Magnet on the refrigerator own hands

Pistachios are unusual nuts, they haveCreamy taste and are an excellent addition to any dish. These nuts have tonic properties, they are recommended for chronic fatigue.

In the homeland of pistachios they were nicknamed "smiling nuts" because of the specific shape of the open shell. In this article, you will learn how to make a beautiful An article from a pistachio shell. You will definitely like this idea!

Magnet on the refrigerator by own hands

You will need

  • Pistachio shell
  • Acrylic paint
  • water
  • Decorative sequins
  • Glue (you can use "torque" or hot spots)
  • Small magnet
  • cardboard


  1. A mound of shells from pistachios in a bag with a clasp. Add a few drops of acrylic paint and one tablespoon of water.
    Magnets with their own hands
  2. Close the bag and shake it so that the paint is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the shells.
    Magnet yourself on the refrigerator
  3. Still a wet shell spread out on a sheet of paper. Sprinkle it with decorative glitter and let the paint dry.
    Craftwork from shell
  4. Cut out a cardboard circle with a diameter of 5 cm.
    Crafts from shells from pistachios
  5. On one side of the circle is a magnet.
    Pattern on the disk
  6. When everything is dried up properly, sticking the center of the future flower. Use 4 shells for this.
    Crafts from the shell of pistachios
  7. Now start adding the rest of the shells. One by one glue them to the base of the flower, until you reach the edge of the cardboard.
    Craftwork from pistachio shells

Master class on creating Of a flower from a shell See the pistachios in this video.

From such flowers you can make not only a magnet, but a whole panel. In this case, do not limit yourself to one size of shells, small details create an exquisite image of the picture.

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