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Decorative flowerbed

I admire garden lovers who not onlyThey take care of plants, but also find time to decorate their plot with original flower beds. I do not want to pass by such beauty - you involuntarily stop and stare at the results of painstaking work ...

How cool, when a person finds a favorite thing and puts his whole soul into it. This man caught fire with a very bold idea and made Flower bed by one's own hands. At first I was even frightened by the process of its manufacturing, but when I saw the result, I began to dream of the same!

Decorative flower bed

You will need

  • latex gloves
  • Cement slurry
  • water

  1. Prepare the cement mortar from which the flowerbed will be made.
    Decorative flower bed
  2. Fill latex gloves with cement. Give the hands you have made the desired shape - the palms can be opened, but you can put them together as if holding a candle.
    Decorative flower bed with own hands
  3. When the cement hardens, gently cut the gloves and detach them from the cement.
    Decorative flower bed photo
  4. By themselves such hands look a bit scary, but in combination with lush plants! A completely different kind ...
    Cement bed
  5. This is the flower bed! I think this idea is very unusual, while it is easy to implement.
    Decorative flower beds in the country
  6. You can give your fingers a more realistic look by making nails.
    Decorative flower beds

Look at the fascinating video about how this unique thing is created for the dacha. Why not make a flower bed that will show flowers in the open palms?

Decorative flower beds are different, but thisOption - absolutely unique. Favorite azaleas, primroses, daisies, dwarf irises - all plants will look charming in such design ... tell your friends about the bright idea, surely she will be interested in them!