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How to make a vase with your own hands

Drawing with wax crayons Was one of my favorite pastimes in my childhood: I could spend hours on the album trying to portray fairy-tale characters or fantasy patterns ... I'm sure many people share my love for such pencils, because they have bright, vibrant colors and they can be painted easily on any surface.

Wax crayons crayola

my experience Use of wax crayons So I would limit myself to drawing, if I did not see it! The master was able to make from them a completely unique thing, looking at which it is impossible to restrain admiration.

How to make a vase with your own hands

  1. So that the wrapping paper easily separates from the rod, the craftsman places the crayons for a few minutes into the freezer.
    Wax crayons crayola
  2. Then he took a square form for baking a cake ...
    Wax crayons crayola
  3. ... and filled it with crayons, placing them vertically.
    Wax crayola in shape
  4. Then the master placed a shape with chalks in a hot oven to melt, and then waited for the full hardening of the wax.
    Crayola wax crayons in the oven
  5. Wax "bread" is ready for further processing.
    Melted wax crayons
  6. Using a drilling machine, a man made a blind hole in the bar.
    Melted wax crayons
  7. And on the lathe, he gave the product the desired shape. At once it is visible: the person to business has approached seriously.
    How to make a vase of wax crayons
  8. That's what beauty he got as a result!
    Vase from wax crayons

I do not cease to be surprised by human imagination and the desire to create ... such projects really inspire new creative achievements!

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