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Interior vase

Make such a wonderful Decoration for home Can anyone! A candle that burns under water has become my favorite piece of furniture.

just imagine: The light of the candle penetrates through the water and you admire the sea stones and plants illuminated from the inside with a warm radiance ... and you want to sit comfortably in the chair, looking at the elegant thing created by your own hands.

Vases for the interior with your own hands

Interior vase

You will need

  • 2 glass vases of different sizes
  • Sea stones, seashells
  • Algae (you can use other plants or plastic counterparts)
  • Thick medium-sized candle
  • water

How wonderful is this Decorative vase!! Just a few manipulations: Insert one vase in another, lay out pebbles and seashells on the bottom, add to the capacity of the plant, light a candle, add water - and a miracle will happen! Watch the video and find out how to make a magic underwater candle in a couple of minutes.

This vase will be appropriate in the bedroom, on the balcony, on theDacha, in the bathroom, on the summer cafe ... if one day you want to create a unique cozy atmosphere, remember this idea! a win-win.